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Q: How long before my website is finished?

A: The time limit of building a website depends on several factors. 3dee is cooperating with their clients while developing a website and fully depends on the clients. However, if you have a fixed deadline we will put some an additional effort to fulfill your deadline and finish the website in a very planned timeline.

Q: When my website is finished- can I expect technical support?

A: We provide full technical support for a grace period of three months, therefore you can come back to us if any problem occurs. we also provide web maintenance service which approach keep your website up to date.

Q: Will my website be search engine friendly?

A: We create search engine friendly websites and this is an integral part of our services.

Q: How big will be the costs for developing a professional website?

A: Our costs depend on the content and also the technical complexity. we have a tendency to develop custom websites and also the cost depends on a client’s needs. Request a Quote and that will going to be ready to provide our bid.

Q: How to update my website?

A: The update of your web site depends on the number of content and technical complexity. we will advise you which technique will suitable for you ,once we agree on which kind of website you’d wish to develop, be it tiny business, corporate, or for individual use.

Q: What technologies you use when developing a website?

A: We are able to perform well in PHP, Ajax, ASP, Java, HTML, flash and much more.

Q: Can I keep track of my website visitors?

A: Yes, we offer a software which will keep you up to date with your website traffic. Also, we are providing market analysis and a report regarding search engine rankings.
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